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We would recommend every householder should know how to shut off the water-gas-electricity in case of any emergencies

My thermostatic shower runs hot constantly.

This could be several reasons, but the most likely is that your shower cartridge needs replacing.

Every time I shut off the mains cold water tap in the house there is a banging / knocking sound.

This could be unsupported pipes or a failing ball valve. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to fit an anti-water hammer kit or reset the pressure if it is too high.

How do I stop a tap from dripping?

You need to change the washer or reseat the tap. If carrying out the latter, it may be worth considering new taps.

It now takes several pulls on the lever to flush my toilet.

It’s time for a new flushing mechanism inside your cistern.

I am losing water in my toilet pan.

There could be several reasons for this but first of all check for any leakage on the floor as there may be a hair line crack somewhere on the pan.

The water coming from the taps in my bathroom is dirty.

It may be necessary to drain your storage tank and clean your tanks.

Can you advise a way of reducing the hardness in my water as scaling is proving a problem?

One solution would be a water softener, but an alternative and cheaper option would be a scale reducing device

I want to install a shower over my bath but my bathroom has been fully tiled and I do not want to remove tiles to bury pipes.

You can install a thermostatic bath shower mixer valve or one of the Aqualisa range of showers designed to overcome this problem.

My hot water is coming out of the taps cold, but my central heating still works.

This could be one of several faults in the electrical heating components of your system but more often than not the problem lies with a faulty motorised valve.

I have a combination boiler and the dial on the boiler reads zero, there is also no hot water or heating.

Your system has lost pressure and the boiler has cut out. This will need to be investigated further to find the fault or any leaks.

I have an old floor standing boiler which is noisy and leaks small amounts of water but still works.

I would recommend that you shut the appliance off as there is a chance the leak may extinguish the flame causing a gas build up, unfortunately it’s time for a new boiler.