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Central Heating

Central Heating

Ensuring the proper functioning of your central heating system is essential for maintaining a comfortable home environment. At Hall and Randall Plumbers, we recognize the urgency of addressing central heating issues promptly to avoid disruptions to your daily routine.

Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers conducts comprehensive inspections of central heating controls and components. This meticulous approach enables us to accurately identify the root cause of any breakdown. Depending on the severity of the issue, we expertly repair or replace components, always prioritising the most cost-effective solution for you.

Look out for these signs, as they may indicate a breakdown in your central heating system:

  • No Heat or Inadequate Heating
  • Strange Noises
  • Leaks or Drips
  • Fluctuating Pressure
  • Cold Spots on Radiator
  • High Energy Bills

Our experienced team is ready to address your central heating needs with professionalism and expertise on 0208 953 2094.

Our services

Central heating repair service

More often than not, it’s a single fault, like a malfunctioning valve or a radiator issue, that can lead to disruptions in the entire central heating system.

Our team of skilled professionals, certified under Safe Contractor, specialises in diagnosing and repairing problems with central heating systems. From issues like uneven heating to strange noises or leaks, we understand the nuances of problems to your central heating. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are transparent about the problems affecting your radiators and central heating system and work diligently to address these issues promptly.

Over the years, we’ve successfully repaired and restored central heating systems in properties across Hertfordshire and North London. Our commitment extends to providing fast, reliable, and affordable central heating repair services, ensuring households and businesses experience the comfort and efficiency they expect from their heating systems.

Central heating installation service

The installation of a central heating system, including fixtures like radiators and heating pumps, is a significant undertaking that requires precision and expertise. At Hall and Randall Plumbers, our skilled professionals are well-versed in orchestrating seamless central heating installations tailored to your property’s needs.

Our team ensures that each element of your central heating system is installed with meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s positioning radiators for optimal heat distribution or installing high-efficiency heating pumps, we prioritise the correct sizing, secure fittings, and material selection to guarantee optimal performance.

With forty years of experience, we specialise in comprehensive central heating installations. From the initial planning phase, which includes space layout and fixture selection, to the actual installation of radiators, heating pumps, and other components, our local team is equipped to deliver a reliable and energy-efficient central heating system.

Power flushing service

Power flushing is a crucial maintenance procedure that can significantly enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your heating system. At Hall and Randall Plumbers, our skilled engineers offer comprehensive power flushing services to ensure that your heating system operates at its optimal capacity.

Over time, heating systems accumulate sludge, rust, and debris, hindering their performance. Power flushing involves the use of high-velocity water to dislodge and remove these deposits, allowing for improved circulation and heat distribution. Our team performs thorough power flushing, addressing issues such as cold spots on radiators, noisy operation, and uneven heating.

Choosing Hall and Randall Plumbers for power flushing ensures a professional and reliable service, leaving your heating system revitalised and operating at its best. Contact us to discuss your power flushing needs and receive a free estimate for our expert services.

Central heating maintenance service

Carrying out regular maintenance checks on your heating system helps to save money in the long-term. Doing so will improve energy efficiency and help to cut costs on utility bills, ensuring your system will last a long time.

A yearly maintenance check with a licensed, gas safe professional, can also prevent earlier-than-normal system breakdowns. Our engineers conduct thorough assessments of your central heating system helping to find early warning signs of wear and tear that can protect you and your home.

Why choose us?

Gas Safe Registered 

Our team of boiler engineers are all gas safe registered, ensuring you receive a service that you can trust. We deliver a safe and thorough service whenever we work on your heating and gas appliances.

Worcester Accredited

Hall and Randall Plumbers became Worcester Accredited installers at the earliest opportunity and have since worked closely with Worcester Bosch. We are proud to be one of the largest installers of their boilers in the region.

40+ years of experience

We have been providing plumbing and heating services to homes and business properties in Hertfordshire and North London since 1980. We’re widely respected, experienced and trusted in the community.

Exceptional customer service

Our friendly team of engineers take pride in their work, providing tidy workmanship, helpful advice, and a smile on every job they attend. Hall and Randall Plumbers is committed to continuing our many years of excellent customer service.

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Our Other Services

Areas we serve

Hall and Randall Plumbers serve homes and businesses throughout Hertfordshire and North London. We have a large team of plumbers and Gas Safe Registered engineers in the area, so we can reach you quickly no matter where you’re based. Areas we cover include:

Hemel Hempstead
St Albans
Mill Hill
Golders Green
Central London

Hear from our customers

“Just to say thank you! New heaters look like they have always been there – your engineers did a great job and they seem to already be making a difference to the temperature in the Church space.”

- Customer, NW6, London

“Thank you for the works carried out yesterday in replacing the radiator valves. The two men who carried out the works were very proficient, polite and a credit to your company. Thank you again, we have dealt with yourself, Steve and the two men yesterday and the experience has been a pleasure, unlike some contractors these days.”

- Customer, EN11, Hoddesdon

“Your engineer popped into our house today 24 hours early. With a radiator not working he told us that a pin was stuck and within 60 seconds he rectified the problem. How good can it be. A sheer genius. He is a credit to your company. Thank you.”

- Customer, HA7, Stanmore

“We had new modern radiators installed to replace old radiator which was leaking. The company was efficient, prompt and the staff polite and helpful. The engineer (Matt) that did our work was especially helpful and polite. Cleaned up and left absolutely tidy. I can highly recommend their services.”

- Verified Google Review

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I power flush my heating system?

Power flushing is usually carried out to enhance and restore the efficiency of a central heating system, eliminating blockages, sludge, and limescale. When performed with precision and thoroughness, this process ensures that radiators will heat up more rapidly and evenly. 

Furthermore, maintaining a clean and protected system contributes to improved boiler efficiency, prolongs the lifespan of pump and diverter valves, and minimises the risk of corrosion. Power flushing will renew your central heating system and bring back optimal efficiency.

What should I do if some of my radiators aren't heating up?

If some of your radiators are cold this can be due to an imbalanced heating system, where the distribution of hot water or heat to different parts of the system, particularly radiators, is uneven.

Addressing a system imbalance may involve adjusting radiator valves, balancing the system, flushing out debris, or even upgrading components for better efficiency. Consulting with a heating professional on 0208 953 2094 is advisable to identify and rectify the specific causes of the imbalance in your system.

Should I replace my old radiators?

The lifespan of radiators can vary, but generally, well-maintained radiators can last for several decades. However, signs such as corrosion, uneven heating, or persistent issues may indicate the need for replacement. If your radiators are showing signs of age and affecting the efficiency of your heating system, consulting with one of our heating professionals can help determine if replacement is the best course of action.

Can you advise on the most efficient heating system for a house?

The most optimal central heating system for a home differs depending on the properties specifications, layout, and size, as well as the homeowners lifestyle and budget.

Call us on 0208 953 2094 and our team of heating engineers will be able to assess your property and help you figure what the best fit will be for you.